Easy-to-use management system saves time and effort by streamlining operations, including content creation, social media management, and campaign tracking.

Focus on building and growing your business. LikeIT Social stays ahead of technological advancements and industry trends.


Centralize audience communication

Provide personalized experiences, integrate communications data, and streamline responses.

Increase interactions

Assess performance across different channels, optimize campaigns by tracking audiences behavior and preferences.

Improve customer service

Collect feedback to discover areas for improvement in order to provide continual assistance to clients.

Accurate data tracking

Identify trends and insights, create data-driven choices, and maximize business project performance.

Track meta performance, analyze audience and optimize content for maximum engagement. Automate social media posting and monitor ads to ensure they’re performing effectively.

Analyze audiences behavior, preferences and optimize content for campaigns by monitoring Twitter.

Track LinkedIn performance by analyzing audiences, optimizing content and campaigns for maximum engagement, gathering important data such as impressions, clicks and more!

Track Tiktok performance and gather data about your audience to take relevant decisions for the next marketing campaign.

Integrating our tool with Pinterest can help you track your Pinterest performance, analyze your audience behavior and preferences, and optimize your content and campaigns for maximum engagement. You can also monitor your Pinterest ads and track your competitors’ performance.

Optimize your advertising campaigns and focus on the keywords and ads that are driving the most leads with your Google Ads, improving your google my Business Accounts.

Organize all your media in a single place and after integrated your Youtube Account, prepare it to be posted according to your campaigns specifications.


Maximize your potential by fine-tuning your content, replying to all comments, evaluating data from various interactions, monitor performance, assess audience demographics.

Manage paid campaigns, reply in real time to reviews and messages and track advertising results.



Schedule your tweets and polls. Monitor your audience’s responses to increase interactions. Twitter allows you to study audience behavior and preferences.


Track LinkedIn performance by analyzing audiences, optimizing content and campaigns for maximum engagement, gathering important data such as impressions, clicks and more!



Schedule content, track TikTok performance and collect audience data to optimize and manage your content and make informed decisions.


Integrating LikeIT Social with Pinterest allows you to evaluate your performance, follow up your audience’s behavior and preferences, and optimize your content for optimum interactions.

Enhance interaction, improve your content and schedule your pins.



Improve customer experience by optimizing efforts and concentrating on the keywords that generate positioning and leads.

Share content on the network and gather customer input from reviews and inbox may also be used to promote continuous growth.



Organize all of your videos in one place, and make them ready by configuring every setting like tags, hashtags, and including the thumbnail.

Use data to determine your audience’s preferences and create content that meets their needs.