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Professional social media management, includes awesome features for facebook, instagram, twitter, google my business, youtube & much more!

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Our social media management features will allow you to…

Social Media Easily Managed

With our social media management tool, you can easily post and schedule customized media.

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Keep up with social engagement

Find all your comments, notifications, and posts on one page and never lose track of anything again.

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Manage multiple pages and profiles

Say hello to a stress-free life with our organized platform that allows you to find and switch between your businesses easily

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Streamline team collaboration

An online work community allows your employees to organize their tasks, enhance collaboration, and encourage a supportive environment.

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Get better social performance

Receive data analytics on social posts for insights that can be used for future business approaches

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Ads Publishing Platform

Create and publish ads right here on this platform for an easy one stop shop for all your business’ ads

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We have solutions for various occasions


Manage your entire business with team collaboration tools, social performance data insights, and more!


Manage your entire business with team collaboration tools, social performance data insights, and more!


No matter how big or small your business is, LikeIT Social matches to all your management needs.



Social media management for small teams



Powerful tools for agencies and growing teams



For agencies and teams that need powerful tools



Prove business impact & automate processes

FineTune yout post

FineTune lets you customize your ads and posts, with step-by-step instructions on how to create and publish ad campaigns that can improve your results.

Social media listening

We take complex data analyses from social listening and create organized, thorough visual insights for data tracking and determining improvements in the future.
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