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Unlock the power of data analysis and seamlessly handle numerous social media integrations, catering to businesses of all sizes.

Experience the convenience of effortlessly managing multiple businesses, resources, teams, social media networks, data, and much more with our cutting-edge, time-saving tool designed to enhance productivity and your money.

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Elevate lead generation and performance through precision targeting of key audiences and optimizing content. Our primary objective is to elevate marketing campaign effectiveness and drive remarkable sales growth.


Why LikeIT Social?

Manage teams, optimize content, store data, and streamline business management.
Full Client’s access
Grant client’s access in viewer mode to follow up the process, obtain reports, and more.

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Content manager multichannel
Maximize productivity and achieve optimization with our professional content editor, who simultaneously distributes content across multiple networks.

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Employer’s Content Administration
Gain valuable insights into your contract administration processes. Uncover better marketing trends, monitor contract status, and optimize your HR workflows

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Multiple business control
Orchestrate various accounts and preserve information in one platform to save time and effort.

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Schedule, publish, and save content as a backup on the draft manner in real-time.