Take your efficiency and strategy to the next level

Reach a turning point for your franchise business. Our solutions accelerate business growth by maximizing the efficiency of day-to-day operations and enhancing strategic management. From centralized posting to providing custom solutions, every feature is designed to help your franchise stand out in the marketplace to build company marketing team structure to implement in LikeIT Social for marketing activities.

Optimize Performance and Strategy

Introducing features that help you maintain a consistent brand message across multiple branches, provide time-saving tools, and centrally manage branch operations.

Engagement Tools

Monitor and analyze customer interactions to enhance communication with customers and provide better service.

Performance Analytics

Performance analytics tools help you optimize the operational efficiency of each branch and make data-driven strategic decisions.

Custom Solutions

We provide customized solutions tailored to franchise characteristics to meet the unique needs of each branch and support the success of the entire franchise.

Real-time Interaction

Use the tool's capabilities to monitor social media channels in real-time, allowing for immediate responses to customer inquiries, feedback, and engagement opportunities.

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Manage all your social media activity in one place, strengthen your interactions with customers,
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Integrated brand management and operational efficiency solution

Increase brand trust and operational efficiency with efficient content management

Brand Messaging

Consistent Across Branches

By maintaining a consistent brand message across all locations, you can instill confidence in your customers. Brand consistency is an important factor in building customer trust. To achieve this, each location adheres to the same brand guidelines and maintains consistent visual elements and messaging.

Multi-location Management

Centralized Posting

Maintain a consistent brand image and streamline operations by publishing content centrally across multiple locations. This allows each branch to deliver the same message and reduces customer confusion. Additionally, the centrally managed system increases operational efficiency and enables consistent service provision.

Management Settings

Time-saving Tools

We provide time-saving tools to make your operations easier to manage. This allows managers to focus on more important things.
For example, you can manage multiple media accounts simultaneously from one interface, eliminating the need to log in and spend time managing each platform individually.

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Unified Dashboard

Multi-location Monitoring

An integrated dashboard allows you to monitor the operational status of multiple branches at a glance. This allows for quick decision-making. You can monitor each branch's sales, customer feedback, and employee performance in real time and take necessary actions immediately.

Automated Publishing

Content Scheduling

Content scheduling features allow you to automatically publish posts at the appropriate time. This increases operational efficiency and enables consistent content delivery. For example, you can plan ahead for important events, such as promotional campaigns or new product launches, and automatically post them to attract your customers' attention.