Comprehensive Calendar

Manage all your social media activities at a glance. Achieve better results through efficient scheduling and task monitoring.

  • Manage Scheduled Posts
  • Manage Tasks

All-in-One Calendar

Keep track of all your scheduled posts and tasks in one unified calendar.
Simplify your workflow and never miss a deadline.

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Unified View

See all your scheduled posts and task schedules in one place. It integrates post and task management to increase efficiency and help you avoid missing important milestones.
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Task Management

You can maintain an efficient work flow by specifying start dates and deadlines for tasks, as well as business designations.
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Customizable Views

You can freely switch between daily, weekly, and monthly views, allowing you to check your schedule from different perspectives.
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Post Schedule Management

Efficiently manage the schedule of content to post on all social media platforms. You can set the optimal posting time for each platform and automatically schedule posts.

Make your brand shine on social media

Maximize your marketing performance with data-driven insights. Spread your brand's voice on social media with effective social media management.

Comprehensive Task Monitoring

Monitor posts and tasks specific to each business to gain detailed insights and improve performance

Business-Specific Monitoring

Track and monitor posts related to specific businesses, ensuring tailored strategies. By closely observing social media, we can gather valuable insights into customer sentiment and emerging trends. This allows businesses to make informed decisions, optimize marketing efforts, and stay ahead of competitors.

Post-Specific Monitoring

Analyze the performance of individual posts within each business to identify successful content and areas for improvement. By examining metrics such as engagement rates, reach, and shares, we can pinpoint what resonates most with your audience. This detailed analysis helps refine content strategies, ensuring that each post maximizes its impact.

Custom Time Updates

Monitor your dashboard by setting custom time frames to gain insights over specific periods. This feature allows you to analyze trends, measure campaign effectiveness, and identify patterns within your chosen date range. By tailoring the monitoring period to your needs, you can make more informed decisions and optimize your strategies based on precise data.

Detailed Analytics

Access detailed analytics to review engagement, reach, and other key metrics for each post. Our comprehensive analytics tools provide in-depth insights into how your content is performing across various platforms. By examining these metrics, you can identify what resonates with your audience and make data-driven adjustments to enhance future posts.