Sectorized Solutions

Tools made flexible providing multiple solutions for different sector types, approaching efficiency, handling multiple social media integrations and big data resources…

Designed For Multiple Sector Types

Communications & media optimizing

Big data analytics to manage and improve the way you manage your communications business.

Optimize your consent now with LikeIT Social… Read More

Multiple Social Media

Create, optimize, schedule and publish content your marketing campaigns… Read More

Improve leads

Create ads that successfully reach the target audience off your multiple communications campaigns… Read More

Measure performance

Publish, track and learn about your own deployed marketing campaigns… Read More

Take benefit from data

Analyze, compare and Benchmark your social performance

Have a live report of your online content behavior and its interactions with your audience… Read More

Reach key audiences

Optimize your targets for the right audiences with your content, generating engagement and aiming to improve your sales rates… Read More

Customer engagement

Interact more often with your customers through optimized messaging tools… Read More

Integrated social media

Take advantage of our various social media integrations for all your unique campaigns… Read More

Sales growth

Reach key audiences and increase your sales while interacting with your customersRead More

Improve your retail business focus and strategies!

Create, publish, and measure your content across multiple social networks, tracking and improving your engagement as you go…… Read More

Learn from your audience!

Listen to your customer

Read and respond to your customer comments directly on LikeIT Social engaging with the right audiences… Read More

Grow your customer base with ads

Create unique ads enhanced to feed your customer base and sales, getting your results through organized data which allows you to take improved decisions… Read More

Public sectors flexibility!

The public sector is one of the most important business areas requiring lots of attention and care, that is easily done with LikeIT Social tools and resources… Read More

Community growth

Clearly determine your social media goals and provide your community with better information… Read More

Social media goals

Create ads to target your specific audience and improve your engagements… Read More

Improved targets

Track data from multiple campaigns about your customers and their interactions… Read More

Help your community

Engage in community conversations

Receive fast information from customers and communities and respond to them from one single place. Read More

Optimized tools and resources

Public sectors take an immense amount of energy to manage every day challenges, with optimized tools and resources, save time and money while providing organized information for your public…. Read More

Customer engagement

Track how customers interact with your content to generate brand leads and conversations… Read More

Audience growth

Create and publish a variety of unique content easily, with just few clicks… Read More

Interact with audience

Target and engage the right audiences by responding to all your reviews and comments… Read More

Flexibility made even for hospitality businesses!

Create, publish and manage multiple content about the quality, comfort and various accessibilities of your hospitality places and services… Read More

Manage your business reputation

It’s that simple!

Make decisions regarding your marketing strategies by studying your ratings, visitors, and followers.

Generate new leads and engage to the right audiences.

Read More

Financial Services Optimized

Calculate the profit of multiple segments and measure the overall impact of your business.

Analyze and receive valuable data about people and corporations that interact with your content on multiple marketing campaigns… Read More

Multiple Social Media

Organize your content in one place and publish across multiple social integrations… Read More

Improve leads

Get valuable analytics from customer interactions and generate new leads for better engagements… Read More

Measure performance

Save time and track your campaigns, contents and customers in one single place… Read More

Enhanced marketing campaigns

Content behavior tracking

Analyze, compare and benchmark your social media performance.

Measure the behavior of your content across all your social media networks in one place… Read More

Find your key audience target

Reach across several social media networks and find your niche target audience, providing focused financial products and services… Read More

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