All your clients in one place

Manage multiple accounts and social medias

Integrating Your Socials

Connect all your different social media accounts and conveniently manage them all in one platform.

Social Postings

Without having to continuously log in to different accounts and planning out each post, use our posting system to easily post to all your socials at once.

Organize and streamline collaborations

Organization System

Our clean and simple user interface design allows for easy team collaboration.

Streamlining Collaboration

Our platform is designed to keep team members accountable and productive, increasing collaboration and efficiency within your agency.

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Plan your media & approval workflows

Planning Your Calendar

Utilize the calendar tools to visually plan out present and future plans to stay organized and productive.

Keeping Focused

Schedule posts and ads on your calendar to improve time management, to stay focused, and to encourage organization.

Centralize your marketing assets

Centralizing Assets

Organize all your marketing assets into separate folders that can be easily filtered, saving time and energy.

Utilizing Cloud

Upload and access your marketing assets anywhere at anytime utilizing the cloud feature.

Measure productivity & Team performance

Team Data Analysis

The business will receive updated data on its online interactions in every social aspect which will reflect a team’s performance in that area.

Team Performance

Facilitating better communication within your team allows for better organization and harmony within the group, improving work ethic and project results.

Our most important solutions!


Improve IT

Data on multiple places?, reduce your timings with LikeIT Social tools, all in one place.


Follow IT

Follow your team progress and improve their skills by learning about their enhancement and interactivity.

Manage IT

Manage tasks, media calendars, campaigns and more from one place, keep focus on productivity.

Analyze IT

Understand your traffic, your content and all the possible behaviors when the public is interacting with it

Funnel IT

Find most valuable targets in less times, with all data integrated in one place, allowing more time for better plans and results.
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