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Streamline your marketing agency!

Organize, plan and manage your business across multiple social networks

Create and optimize your marketing campaigns and stay focus on leads and engagements… Read More

Multiple social media networks

Create campaigns and manage them through multiple social media networks… Read More

Streamline collaborations

Optimize your team workflows with tools and resources that provide a better performance… Read More

Media & workflows plans

Organize business plans and track everything from your campaign, in a single place… Read More

Improve marketing and team performance

Centralize your marketing assets

Assets increase as new projects come along, so make it easier to centralize all your data with LikeIT Social cloud service… Read More

Measure productivity & Team performance

Improve timings, sharing, organizing, creating, publishing, tracking and more all in one place.

LikeIT Social tools centralize your data for easier activities on your marketing strategies… Read More

Save time & money

Start valuable conversations and engage with your audiences through messaging tools… Read More

Improve customer relations

Improve leads and engagement while generating valuable customer experiences… Read More

Plans & approvals

Create, edit and approve new content for your social media networks… Read More

Grow your entrepreneurship and focus on your objectives!

For both, beginners and seasoned veterans, LikeIT Social provides the comfort of managing multiple businesses, content and even more, through professional tools intended to save time and money… Read More

Analyze & Understand your customer

Audience and business understanding

Learn and understand about your audience to take the right actions, while providing your products and services.

Optimize your multiple content in one place and generate experiences, interactions and aim to the expected conversions rate… Read More

Easy to use for Small Businesses and teams...

Focus your energy on your audience generating topic ideas that appeal to your buyer persona, in order to gain conversions.

Manage loyal customers and track old and new customers alike… Read More

Social Media Management

Organize and manage your your multiple marketing campaigns in one place… Read More

Multiple Locations

Track and analyze data from multiple networks to determine future decisions… Read More

Schedule posts in advance

Explore scheduling options to control when you want your post to air online… Read More

Create ads and measure performance

Monitor your audience and brand

See your target interactions on your active campaigns and improve your content in order to feed your social media networks with relevant information… Read More

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