Optimized tools for sales

Sales app improved for your business type

Get Connected

Use our app to utilize this platform on the go or for a more convenient way that fits your needs

App Layout

Our clean and simple layout allows you to clearly see all your active advertisements at once

Contract Management

Organized Contracts

No more chaos with contract forms from all over the place. Find all your contracts neatly listed on one single page.

Filter Items

Each detailed information about a contract is navigated through this page, and each individual contracts can be quickly found through filters.

Optimize your sales

Customize easily your campaigns

Fully customize your campaign and prepare it to be on multiple platforms or social media networks, with fully informative steps to guide you in the process.

Manage multiple items for your business

Manage your contracts and keep them organized while you do analysis through multiple visual aids of your customer data and prepare featured plans for future clients.

Customer Data

Data Analysis

We will track your customers and their interaction with your business. We combine the gatherers data and report back to you with a thorough analysis.

Visual Aids

To deliver the analysis results efficiently, we show the data through visual aids that can be customized to your specific needs

Our most important solutions!


Improve IT

Data on multiple places?, reduce your timings with LikeIT Social tools, all in one place.


Follow IT

Follow your team progress and improve their skills by learning about their enhancement and interactivity.

Manage IT

Manage tasks, media calendars, campaigns and more from one place, keep focus on productivity.

Analyze IT

Understand your traffic, your content and all the possible behaviors when the public is interacting with it

Funnel IT

Find most valuable targets in less times, with all data integrated in one place, allowing more time for better plans and results.
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