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LikeIT Social is optimized for your business, helping you to focus on your daily needs, using multiple tools for campaigns tracking, business management and data analytics.

Designed For Multiple Business

Approach better marketing resources!

LikeIT Social is optimized for your business, focused on your daily needs, with multiple easy to use tools for tracking, management and analyze… Read More

Advertising & Testing

Prepare your ad content and test on new audiences as you continue reaching new goals… Read More

Engage with your audience

Receive reviews and comments all in one place and respond to them easily with LikeIT Social tools … Read More

Reputation Management

Receive information about your scores, interactions and more about your customers… Read More

Analyze your data leads and rating

Analyze and improve​

Receive detailed information about your multiple social media networks and content, as your audience interacts and shares their experiences with your business… Read More

Sales App

Manage multiple processes through an intuitive and organized platform ready for all your business needs… Read More

Contract Management

Upload, create, and customize various contract types for individual customers at any time… Read More

Customer Data

Receive direct data from your customers, analyze the data, and make decisive decisions… Read More

Optimize your sales processes and timings!

Define attractive plans for potential clients while continuing to manage your current contracts and data, all in one place… Read More

Organize services in one place!

Plan Management

Create detailed plans and organize your main services to be offered to your clients by easily setting up all the details…

Read More

Improve management strategies and performance...

Manage in one place your business teams, customers and clients, generating new leads and creating new optimized and targeted content, saving time and money with our easy to use tools… Read More

Team Collaboration

Create and manage your teams as well as providing them with all the resources and information they need … Read More

Client Access

Provide your clients enough information and access to their social management processes… Read More

Customer Management

Manage your customers and contracts without the stress of handling information in overwhelming quantities… Read More

Improve your team performance

Team Performance

Receive information about your teams and their different behaviors, in order to provide them better resources and improved strategies… Read More

Team Productivity

Take full control of your team’s productivity and achieve high impact objectives through optimized management tools… Read More

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