Amplify effective marketing strategies with LikeIt Social’s social media management tool to propel your business while reclaiming your time and energy. Our innovative approach seamlessly monitor activities and intuitively handle all your social media tasks to enhance audience insights and maximize campaign performance.

Suitable to Business

Provides features that are suited for your company with the ability to schedule posts in advance ensuring a steady flow of content to keep followers engaged and aware of updates.


Optimize efficiency and track performance through using LikeIt Social’s custom workflows while handling multiple social media integrations.



LikeIT Social icon communications

Communications & media
Leverage LikeIt Social’s strategies as a media outlet to utilize real-time audience insights, content optimization, and social media tracking strategies to stay ahead of the competition and transmit a voice for a cause

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Gain valuable insights into consumer behavior and preferences, elevate marketing and advertising initiatives, and seamlessly track crucial data to maximize business project performance 

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Public Sector
Strengthen audience interactions, monitor and assess public opinion, and optimize communication strategies powered by a tailored and custom built tool.
LikeIT Social icon hospitality
Improve the customer experience in tracing and assessing their feedback in one platform by providing guidance and ongoing assistance.

LikeIT Social icon financial services

Financial Services

LikeItSocial’s features helps financial services stay compliant with industry regulations and internal policies to delve into customer preferences and optimize pricing strategies accordingly

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Suitable to Business

Unleash the potential for growth and adaptability to succeed in today’s competitive market 


Monitor social media performance and unlock real-time insights across several channels to better understand your target audience

Small Business

With our social media management platform, automate your marketing activities using our custom workflows to save valuable time and resources


Elevate your business projects while entrusting LikeItSocial to manage your marketing efforts with custom metrics based on each business


Enhance your marketing strategies and gain valuable insights into your audience’s preferences by customizing analytic solutions for each client with LikeIt Social’s social media management tool