Cross-Platform Control

Cross-platform control in social media management refers to the process of integrated management and optimization of multiple social media platforms. This allows you to manage various social media channels consistently and allocate resources efficiently with the help of AI.

  • Stay consistent
  • Efficient content management
  • Integrated management tools
  • Performance analysis

Social Media Management with AI

Social media management using AI plays an important role in helping companies and brands efficiently manage activities on various social media platforms, thereby strengthening relationships with customers and increasing brand value. By leveraging AI technology, businesses can reduce manual workload and maximize the effectiveness of their social media strategies.

AI posting

Publish to all platforms simultaneously

Using AI technology, you can upload posts simultaneously with one click on one screen. This allows businesses to post content across multiple social media platforms and multiple locations simultaneously, with the help of AI to achieve optimal performance. This maximizes the efficiency of social media management.

Collaborative Workflows

Review management through AI

AI-generated review responses are a revolutionary feature in social media management that ensures brand voice and consistency across multiple platforms. Companies leverage artificial intelligence to automatically generate responses to user reviews and comments. This technology not only simplifies the process, but also maintains a high level of communication quality that matches your brand's tone and values.

Brand Consistency

AI Comment Management

AI Comments in Social Media Management is an innovative tool that helps you efficiently manage user interactions on social media, maintain a consistent brand message, and improve user experience. AI analyzes user comments in real time and automatically generates appropriate responses. This allows for quick and consistent response.

Manage Efficiently

AI Social In-box

AI Social Inbox is one of the important features of social media management tools, helping you efficiently manage messages, comments, etc. from all social media platforms in one inbox. This feature leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to automate message processing, maintain a consistent brand voice, and help improve user experience.

Manage Social Media Posts Smarter

Maximize social media performance with efficient tools and strategies. Lead your social media campaign to success with smart management.

Effective social media management

Analyze social media performance and understand customer responses to provide customized marketing messages, and support efficient social media management with a content calendar and user role and permission settings.

Analytics and Reporting

By analyzing the performance of your social media activities and understanding customer reactions, you can provide more customized marketing messages.

Content Calendar

You can schedule and manage content schedules for all social media platforms in advance.

User Roles and Permissions

You can manage social media efficiently by setting roles and permissions within your team.