What is the difference between plan and contract?

Plans and contracts can be confusing to understand, but let’s clarify the differences between them.

Plans are templates for the services your agency offers, such as the following examples:

  • Basic plan: Includes Facebook and Instagram management with 4 posts per month for 100 USD.
  • Premium plan: Includes Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business management, 4 posts per month, comments and review management, for 250 USD.
  • Deluxe plan: Includes management of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google My Business, with 8 posts per month and comments and review management, for 500 USD.

These plans are simply templates and are not connected to any specific business.When you onboard new clients, such as Business A, B, and C, you will create a contract for each one. For example, if Business A wants the Basic plan, Business B wants the Premium plan, and Business C wants the Deluxe plan, you will define the specific plan for each business when creating their contract.

To create a contract, you’ll complete the final steps of creating the business in LikeIt, including defining the plan, the sales representative who brought the business, and the start and end date of the first period. Once complete, the contract will appear in your contracts section.

Once a contract is created, the plan information is duplicated, so if Business B wants to add an additional 4 posts to their contract and you agree to charge an extra 50 USD, you can make those changes without affecting the original plan template and only changing the contract details information.