Role management and it’s importance

💡 On this section, you can access all the information related to the clients, which are the owners, representatives or managers of the businesses, and the businesses themselves, which are the brands that will operate within LikeIT.

Welcome to our guide on role management within LikeIt Social. In this section, we will explain the various scopes you can create for the role management section. This guide is intended for team or account managers, as they are typically the ones who assign and create roles and permissions for their team members.

This guide will walk you through the steps of customizing user roles, including creating new roles and setting permissions in three main sections: Team, Portal, and Social Media.

Accessing to the role management steps:

Step 1. Log in to your account

Step 2. Go to the left menu, then to “My Agency”

Step 3. Select “Role Management”

Step 4. On the left side, you’ll see a list of existing roles, and a button to create a new role

Step 5. Customize each role you create by defining permissions in the Team, Portal, and Social Media sections as follows:

Team section:

In our system, we have a team leader and member structure. To set it up, you need to define at least one of each. Follow the steps below to get started.

  • Define if the role is a team leader or member.
  • Set access levels to the Team and Team Tasks pages.
  • Team page: view team information, team members, leaders, linked businesses, and performance and productivity reports.
  • Team Tasks: view, read, or create and assign tasks on the team.

Portal section:

Define access to more robust structures related to general management, including:

  • Account: access, read or modify other users’ accounts. (careful granting managing control to members)
  • Business: view and edit sensitive business information, you can also edit connections of linked social networks. (careful granting managing control to members)
  • Inquiries: send tickets or inquiries to customer support.
  • Contracts: manage and control official documentation, pricing with each business. (careful granting managing control to members)
  • Business Contacts: manage, add, and remove business representatives. (careful granting managing control to members)
  • Dashboard: view relevant and resumed information.
  • Employees: view employee information and reporting data. (sensitive information, be aware of access granted)
  • Plans: access and use business templates.
  • Brochures: view and manage business proposals and presentations.

Social Media Management:

You can choose between access to each feature, with either reading or managing permissions. The social media elements you can access, read or manage are:

  • Manage your Facebook presence, including posts, comments and reviews.
  • Manage your Instagram presence, including posts and comments.
  • Manage your Twitter presence, including posts.
  • Manage your YouTube presence, including posts.
  • Manage your Google My Business presence, including posts and reviews.
  • Manage your LinkedIn presence, including posts and comments.
  • Manage your TikTok presence, including posts.
  • Manage your Pinterest presence, including posts.
  • Manage or grant access to the analytics page, here you will see all the information related to the impact of your activity, you can follow the growth of every action taken using posting, comments and reviews.