Managing tasks by teams

💡 Employees are an important aspect of team management. The software allows for the addition, modification, and removal of team members, and it is crucial for team or account managers to have control over this process.

Welcome to our guide on how to manage tasks by teams.

Tasks within LikeIt are intentionally designed to prioritize simplicity and eliminate complex and confusing processes. Accessing tasks is straightforward and can be done from multiple sections of the platform. Once you have logged into, you can conveniently find tasks in the following locations:

Section 1. To access the calendar, select the “Calendar” tab.

Section 2. To access the dashboard, select the “Dashboard” tab.

Section 3. To access the team, select “My Agency” then “Teams”, and click on the desired team.

Section 4. To access the employee profile, select “My Agency”, then “Employees” and choose the desired employee.

Within the calendar section you will be able to filter them by the business or by the team they belong to, you can also turn on and off filters related to the type of tasks they are.

Tasks work just as any other task, they are composed by the task type, which can be grouped in social types, which include posting, reviews, comments, messages or ads, portal (agency) and two additional types one for agency management, so for general tasks and one for cloud management which refers more to the cloud services, this are tags that will help you organice the different task to where they belong. tasks are also composed of deadlines subject and description, which will be mandatory in order to create a task.

In order to see tasks based on a team you can do so from the team page that you find inside the agency section or you can do so from the calendar by filtering by team.