How to use the calendar?

Welcome to the “How to Use the Calendar” Guide!

This guide is here to help you get the most out of your calendar and make the task-management process a breeze. We’ve put together all the essential information you need to know, so you can start using your calendar like a pro.

Creating Tasks:

To create new tasks in the calendar, you have two options:

Option 1. Click on the date/time slot where you want to add the task. This will open a task creation pop-up with the selected date or time, depending on the calendar view you are in (monthly, weekly, or daily).

  • For the month view, clicking on a day sets the task to take all day.
  • For the weekly or daily views, the task will be set at the time slot you clicked on.

In the pop-up, you will then need to select the task type, business, assignee, subject, and description. The dates will be pre-assigned but can be adjusted as needed.

Option 2. Click and drag over the calendar to create tasks for multiple days or hours. This will also depend on the calendar view you are in.

  • For the month view, click and drag over multiple days to set the creation and due dates accordingly.
  • For the weekly or daily views, click and drag to select multiple time slots, and the task creation pop-up will appear once you finish dragging.

Using Filters:

There are two types of filters: business/team filters (agency-related) and task type filters.

For the business/team filters, click on the relevant button to open a pop-up where you can select the business or team to filter by. Once confirmed, the calendar will update to show the relevant information.

For the task type filters, use the checkboxes on the grey bar above the calendar. By clicking on the filters, you can turn on/off the related tasks for each category. For example, if you only want to see tasks related to social media, turn off the other checkboxes and only show social tasks.

Changing Calendar Views:

The calendar is designed to be flexible and can be viewed in daily, weekly, or monthly modes. To change the view, go to the top right corner of the calendar and select the desired view. The information displayed will depend on the dates assigned to tasks.

Adding Tasks to Your Personal Calendar:

To the right of the calendar view option, you will find a button to download an ICS file. You can upload this file to your Google Calendar or any other calendar management system you use.