Brochures, how they work and create them?

💡 Brochures serve as compelling presentations, business proposals, and assets created by you or your agency to effectively promote and sell your services. These brochures can be tailored to cover general information or focus on specific topics, providing versatility in showcasing your offerings.

Welcome to the Brochure uploading and management section! Brochures are presentations, business proposals, and assets made by you or your agency to help sell your services. These can be general or specific to certain topics and you can upload as many as you like.

To access the brochures section:

Step 1. Log in

Step 2. Go to the left hand menu, locate the “MyAgency” tab and click it

Step 3. Locate the Brochures folder, which will contain a list of all elements uploaded to this section.

You can download the brochure files and view them in a list form. To upload a new element:

Step 1. Click the “Add” button

Step 2. Add a title and description

Step 3. Load the file document.

You are now ready to start saving all brochures, presentations and important documents all in a single accesible place for all your team members (if you choose so, be aware that you can manage access to this section depending on the roles you assign to your team, please check our guides on “Role management and it’s importance” to learn how to do so.