Enhanced Team Productivity

The productivity tools of our social media integration solution software maximize team work efficiency and support seamless collaboration through features such as multi-tasking.

  • Scheduling Management
  • Task Assignment & Tracking
  • Integrated Analytics Dashboard
  • Content Calendar

Maximize your team’s productivity

Roles and Permissions

Set access levels for your social media team and assign roles to limit permissions. Maintain security by assigning teams and roles for each business, and systematically manage the team's work process.


Multi-tasking capabilities help team members efficiently handle multiple tasks simultaneously. This feature ensures that each team member clearly understands their roles and responsibilities, avoids duplication of work, and maximizes collaboration efficiency.

Approval status updates and history tracking

Save time and effort with the multi-posting feature that allows you to post content to multiple social media platforms simultaneously, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and deliver a consistent message across all platforms.

Optimize strategy through integrated analytics dashboard

Integrated data view

Ability to consolidate and display performance data collected from all social media platforms on one screen. This allows your team to compare the performance of each platform and optimize your overall social media strategy.

Real-time updates

Data about postings is updated in real time, so you can immediately check the latest performance.

Visualization tools

You can use various visualization tools such as graphs and charts to intuitively analyze data and use it for future strategic decisions.

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Publishing Schedule

Efficient schedule management

In social media management, scheduling management is an important way to save your team's time and effort by efficiently coordinating posting schedules for all social media platforms and managing them in one place. This plays an important role in maximizing your team's work efficiency and productivity.


Take advantage of automation tools that can automatically post content by pre-setting post times, or manage posts for multiple platforms in one place to reduce your workload and save your team time and effort.