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Boost social media content and schedulec campaign with LikeIT Social integrations nade to improve your business strategies with multiple social networks in one place.

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Easy management & multiple platforms

Easy tools to improve your social media management achieving a better performance of your platform’s strategy…
facebook integrations to optimize campaigns
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Save time and increase your productivity when creating social media content.


Fit your team needings with easy to use tools which give fast campaign's information.


Organize tasks, posts and files just in one place, with information and data easy to read.

Integrated all in one!

Our priority is to provide the most important integrations for you, to feel comfort on social media management and marketing operations…

Meta integrations

Is known that social media is changing and improving every day, we provide integrations for your facebook and instagram networks!


Find fast information about your twitter interactions and optimize the time you use to post and track your customers actions.


Receive data from your multiple networks in one place, learn about how your audience interacts with your content.


Explore new content and get inspired to set up new social content for your business, with additional tools to fine tune your media.

Google integrations

The best way to improve your target and have a better management of your business online, is to have your tools in one place!

Find information about your multimedia interactions on this platform. See More

Google Ads

Reach your clients needings with this integration, easily. See More

Google My Business

Interact with your customers thanks to our optimized tools See More


Your target, your engagement, your success!

Reach your focus with valuable people for your brand. Set up your campaign easily and fast with our tools and start to improve your strategy.
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