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Your LinkedIn page is an important platform to promote your brand to your professional network.

Share business information, keep up to date with industry news, and build relationships with potential customers.

Highlight your expertise and connect with a wider network with a LinkedIn page.


Create creative posts

AI post generation

Enter your business name, topic, and target and AI will automatically recommend messages and hashtags. Users can select the content they want to create the optimal post.

Multimedia upload

You can upload images, videos, and GIF files to your posts. Capture the attention of your followers and enhance the delivery of your message with richer visual content.

Check specifications

You can easily check whether your uploaded files comply with the specifications of LinkedIn and other social media platforms. You can ensure post compatibility and present optimal visual expression.

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Scheduled Posting

This is a function that allows users to schedule postings in advance so that they can be automatically posted at the desired date and time. This allows users to create efficient content management and strategic publishing plans.

Multiple posts

Users can create and moderate multiple posts at once. Manage large amounts of content effectively, saving time and making your team more productive.

Hashtag Management

Using appropriate hashtags is one of the important ways to increase the visibility of your content on social media. You can reach your target audience by efficiently using keywords related to your content.

Poll and Article

Collect opinions from followers and share useful information through surveys and article posts. Get feedback from your customers to optimize your business strategy.


Preview your media and content to prepare your posts in the best quality. You can make final checks before posting through detailed media and content settings. Improve the completeness of your content and provide a better experience to your followers.


Communicate directly with your audience and build a vibrant community by responding to comments on your posts. LikeIT Social makes it easy to manage comments, keep the conversation going, and drive user engagement.


See the total number of users your post reached. You can evaluate the impact of your content by analyzing its reach.

Organic Clicks

Measures the number of users who click on a posting link. Clicks can help you evaluate the attractiveness of your content and determine which content is more effective.

Engagement Performance

Evaluate the overall performance of your posts by analyzing interactions such as likes, comments, and shares. Interaction data helps you understand your customers’ interests and create better content strategies.

Work faster and easier with your team

Experience workflow optimization centered on collaboration and efficiency through LikeIT Social.

Team Collaboration

LikeIT Social allows you to collaborate efficiently with your team. By assigning roles to each team member and working through the content creation and management process together, you can systematically divide work and strengthen collaboration. This can increase project efficiency and productivity.

Approval Process

An approval process lets team members create content, which managers or approvers then review and approve. This helps reduce errors and ensures high-quality content, maintaining consistency and reliability.