Get a full analytics report of multiple interactions

Useful reports that quickly tell you what’s working and what isn’t with your social media efforts.

Improve your social content strategy

Detect valuable data

Your social media platforms will collect data about your brand and all its interactions... Read More

Track multiple content

Keep track of all data regarding social interactions across your social networks... Read More

Data Analysis

Filter and do continuous analysis of data provided directly from your audiences... Read More

What can you do

Customizable dashboard for agile data analysis

Physical Arrangement

Arrange your analytics dashboard to prioritize important data that clearly tracks your brand’s social interactions

Various Visual Aids

Switch between different visual aids to help represent the data that best fits your needs
What can you do

KPI Reporting with information from your social media

Visualize and Intereact

Visualize KPI’s information on customized charts and take profit of accurate data

Analyze and take decisions

Visualize and take ideas and measure your content performance and your business goals through interactive key performance indicators.
What can you do

Filterable Data

Filter Data by Time

Filter your analyzed data by time to accurately see the changes in social interactions on specific dates or through specific seasons

Continual Data Analysis

As your brand grows and you receive more data, the analysis tool sums all up the daily, weekly, monthly, yearly timelines into clear visuals, so you can see the trends

Features optimized for you!


Improve IT

Data on multiple places?, reduce your timings with LikeIT Social tools, all in one place.


Follow IT

Follow your team progress and improve their skills by learning about their enhancement and interactivity.

Manage IT

Manage tasks, media calendars, campaigns and more from one place, keep focus on productivity.

Analyze IT

Understand your traffic, your content and all the possible behaviors when the public is interacting with it

Funnel IT

Find most valuable targets in less times, with all data integrated in one place, allowing more time for better plans and results.
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