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Engage when your customers are searching or browsing the search network, and get the results you want. Maximize your marketing results with easy to use ads tool!

Generate more leads improving your targets!

Optimize ads & targets

In easy steps prepare a full featured campaign for your business... Read More

Scalable & flexible

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Highly Customizable

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What can you do

Achieve goals and optimize your digital ads performance

Do it easily!

Configure easily your ads to appear when someone searches for what your business offers.

Learn and get ready

Attract more customers to your business with ads that allow you to provide better and improved information about your business, products and services.

Multiple locations management in a single place​

Multiple campaigns management

Allow your multiple business to receive profit of your multiple campaigns.

Highly customizable goals

Control the advertising budget. Set budgets limit and never exceed it. Plus, you can pause or adjust your investment at any time.

Features optimized for you!


Improve IT

Data on multiple places?, reduce your timings with LikeIT Social tools, all in one place.


Follow IT

Follow your team progress and improve their skills by learning about their enhancement and interactivity.

Manage IT

Manage tasks, media calendars, campaigns and more from one place, keep focus on productivity.

Analyze IT

Understand your traffic, your content and all the possible behaviors when the public is interacting with it

Funnel IT

Find most valuable targets in less times, with all data integrated in one place, allowing more time for better plans and results.
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