Advanced CRM

Our customer management solutions allow your sales staff to efficiently manage leads and contracts, and all data is easily viewable in our portal.

  • Leads and contracts management through LikeIT sales apps
  • Customer management through portal
  • Sales dashboard
  • Contract Management
  • IOS LikeIT Sales App for tablet

3 key features that will transform customer care

Lead and contract management With E Signature

Use our sales app to generate leads and manage contracts from anywhere. Real-time data synchronization allows your sales team to make quick decisions based on up-to-date information. All sales activities are easily managed through the IOS tablet sales app.

Efficient client information management

Manage all your customer data in one place. Easily access and update customer contact information, contract details, and records. This helps us strengthen our relationships with our customers and provide customized services.

Sales Dashboard

Monitor your sales performance in real time through the sales dashboard. You can view lead status, contract progress, and performance indicators at a glance, making strategic decisions easier. You can effectively achieve your sales goals through data-based insights.

Efficient contract management for smooth collaboration

Contract information is easily accessible to all involved teams, fostering better communication and collaboration. This helps improve coordination between teams and improves overall performance.

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The best partner to maximize sales performance

LikeIT Sales App allows salespeople to generate leads and manage contracts. All entered data is automatically synchronized to our portal, allowing managers to monitor sales activity in real time and take necessary action. This connection strengthens collaboration between teams and ensures the accuracy of customer data.